7 Quick Ways to Better Blogging

Blogs let you pour down your heart, mind and soul completely. You can express, explain and clarify your thoughts fearlessly in your blogs. Better blogging techniques, like the ones listed and explained below, will help you get noticed in this huge ocean of bloggers. Better blogging is truly a key to your success.


Make interesting content in your blog

Why do viewers open your blog? This is the question you should keep in mind while updating your blog every time. They open your blog to hear something new, something interesting, something worthwhile to listen to. Therefore, don’t fill the spaces of your blog with junk content. Put something interesting that your viewers will enjoy, or at least something that’s worth considering. Do some research works prior to writing/updating your blog and try to express your ideas clearly.

Organize the contents in your blog

Random contents barely get noticed by the search engines or the readers. Make sure you give special care to organizing the contents in the blog. Experts suggest bloggers to use bullet points, headings and subheadings, auto-number etc. to explain their perspective. These approaches make your blog neat and agitate your readers to go through the content carefully. Besides that, you’ll also get chance to express your ideas and viewpoints more vividly. So, hurry up and convert those bulky paragraphs into short, concise points!

Right Web hosting for your blog

There are two things you’ll need to purchase to have web space for your blog. First of all, you’ll need a domain name, a name that uniquely identifies your site on the Web. Domain names end in .com, .net, .org, or other extensions; mine is paulryburn.com. Take some time to think about the domain name you want; think of alternates, because your first choice may already be taken. GoDaddy charges me about $10/year to register and manage my domain name.

Precise and interesting headlines

Which of these headlines sound more interesting and precise — “Mobile Phones on Sale” or “Nokia Lumia 9700 at just $200!”? Of course, the second one! It gives clear idea about the post that’s under the headline. Viewers or readers seek such precision and interest in headline before going through the entire post. So, choose your headline carefully and wisely.

Give special attention to your blog’s layout

Needless to say your blog’s layout has significant influence in your reader’s psychology. If important information and indexes are placed at the top-left corner of the blog, reader can see them easily and will find it worthwhile to go through rest of the content. However, if you put important information in the middle of the webpage and fill top-left corner with insignificant content, your rest of the content will barely be read.

Fill your sidebar wisely

Besides that, fill your sidebar with the quality information they deserve because your viewers will see the same sidebar in every page of your website. A survey done by University in New Jersey confirms that 90% viewers think logos, social media badges, opt-in forms, awards etc. in a blog’s sidebar as junk materials. Therefore, next time before you put something in your sidebar, think twice!

Better be a tortoise than be a hare

The secret behind success of any blog is patience. All the great blogs like The Everywhereist, The Big Picture, OkTrends, This Is My Next, The Hairpin, The Truth About Cars etc. have waited years to be considered as the best blogs in the world. Therefore, if you want to make your blog one of the best blogs in the world, Patience! Patience! Patience!