Self Hosted vs. Free

Blogging and starting of a website is the most critical stage because one is naive and doesn’t know about what option is better. Whether, to choose a Self-hosted WordPress. org  or go for the free blog is an important consideration  but this articles will provide you with some better insights on both, pros and cons and help you decide what is best for you. Both the terms and are confusing but here how it is different.


The major difference between both it in case of WordPress.Org on can use the website completely at their own managerial levels through lot of customisations and modifications. It supports various custom themes, allows uploading of plugins and let you host your own sites at discounted rates using any available coupon codes on sites line Bluehost. In case of you don’t have the complete access to managing your website as per your choice and the free plan limits you to particular themes and updates only.

Pros and Cons of WordPress. Org

Everything has its own pros and cons and we choose to stick to any product or thing depending on its advantage and disadvantage. Let us first look at the pros and then cons of WordPress.Org


  • You have access to complete website and own your data and since you are the owner, no one can switch off the work. The website gives you many plugins using which you can make uploads as well as upload customised themes.
  • The analytics and stats of the website can be tracked to know number of viewers and also gives you the opportunity to earn revenue or money as blogger.


  • The only major con with org is it requires a good web hosting which becomes a bit expensive as you need to pay around $10 monthly but once you start earning revenue the cost can be easily neutralised. They also offer coupon codes and discounts time to time to help you save money.
  • Since you are the manager of the website so it requires you to perform all the upgrades as well as create backups using plugins.

Pros and Cons of Free WordPress.Com


  • The site is updated and regularly checked by professional team of WordPress and you don’t need to worry about it.
  • If you blog only for hobby it is a great platform as the free version offers storage space of 3GB and also has themes to customise the blog look.


  • If you are planning to earn revenue and make money from blogger or trying to seek a career as blogger, it is definitely not a platform for you as no earning will be allowed. They plant ads all over your site and you don’t get a penny out of it, to make your site free of ads you need to make a payment of $29.97.
  • Unless you have 25,000 page-views a month, you are not allowed to sell ads. In case you are allowed to sell ads, share the revenue with WordPress and that hurts.
  • No plugins allowed, no custom themes allowed for free and have access to changing your themes, closing the blog as per their convenience. It actually limits your option to explore more as blogger.


It is not a tough call when it comes to choosing one because it all depends on your preference and priority. If you are still confuse, check easywaytohosting home page and check various reviews options. If you are planning to take up blogging as career it is always recommended to go for WordPress. Org as it is better, convenient, helps you earn money and also cheaper. Free WordPress.Com is only for taking up blogging as hobby with no serious interest in earning.

Is SiteGround WordPress Hosting Good Enough?

Managed WordPress hosting are the lifeline for people who badly need a website, but can’t spend enough time to build one from scratch. has always been one of the greatest CMS to keep a website neat, and offer great visuals and contents through a hosting. SiteGround offers three different WordPress hosting plans, and the best part is – even though these WordPress plans are fully managed, yet they come in the same pricing plan as the shared hosting plans offered by the very same company. At times, the company offers official coupon codes for discounts and the affiliate marketers always have some discount offers for you.

siteground wordpress hosting

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plans

The pricing for the SiteGround WordPress hosting plans are exactly same as the shared hosting plans SiteGround offers. Basically, it’s a WordPress CMS installed on top of the regular shared plans, but on the positive side this hosting plan is fully optimized and managed for the same pricing. New users don’t have to build everything from the scratch, only installing WordPress CMS using the one click installer wizard is all it takes. Once WordPress is installed, users will be able to upload new contents and manage them online.

There are three plans from SiteGround for WordPress hosting. They are Startup for $6.95/month, GrowBig for $9.95/month and GoGeek for $14.95/month. StartUp plan offers only one domain hosting and 10 GB of hard drive space, and the latter two offers multiple domains and 20 GB and 30 GB of hard drive space respectively. SelectedHosting posted a coupon offer and SiteGround review which is detailed enough to make your mind. All of these plans offer unlimited monthly allocation of data transfer, however the StartUp plan is stitched to accommodate around 10,000 visits, GrowBig is suitable for 25,000 visits and GoGeek is suitable for 100,000 visits each month. More than this amount would still be served, but the quality of service might not be fully guaranteed.

WordPress Features in SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Installation of WordPress is very easy on SiteGround hosting service. There are apps that can install WordPress on a SiteGround hosting account upon one click. With each hosting account, customers get at least one domain to multiple depending on the plan, and that domain stays for the customer for life, and the domain name is free. If customer don’t want to fiddle with the visuals, using a template or theme is always a pleasant experience on WordPress based web hosting services.

If you are coming from some other hosting service, SiteGround offers free hosting transfer. Like setting up WordPress on SiteGround shared hosting service, the hosting transfer feature is free as well. There won’t be a downtime on the domain that you are transferring from one hosting to another, a backup will always be active while this transfer is taking place.

Managed Features

Since the WordPress hosting from SiteGround is fully managed, tasks like auto updating WordPress CMS, daily backups of contents hosted on SiteGround through WordPress would be done every day without the user being involved. Security is installed in all hierarchies starting from the hardware resources to user level, and just in case intruders get access SiteGround account, the website remains crook-free.

Is it Good Enough?

Yes, for beginners to advanced users who require a great website hosting experience using WordPress CMS; this hosting plan is very useful to begin with.


Even WordPress prefers SiteGround as a recommended website hosting service, apart from few more companies who possess similar ideas. For better pricing options, a customer could seek discount and coupon codes from SiteGround official website and affiliate websites.

WP Engine Web Hosting Review

In many websites, social networks, and even bigger networks like YouTube; you may have seen the WP Engine ads “build your own website for just 1 penny”. Yes, WP Engine is that inexpensive and also it comes with a handful of features. This company has flexible yet comprehensive features for every type of web hosting needs, to serve every customer – from personal bloggers to large scale e-commerce websites. A one-domain hosting for some limited parameters starts at first 3 months free as promised using WP Engine coupon codes, even the hosting coupons on affiliate websites would let the users purchase a plan for much discounted value. Thankfully, WP Engine web hosting affiliates are easily findable.


WP Engine Plans

In WP Engine, there is web hosting solution for everyone. The shared web hosting is most popular, for advanced users the VPS hosting offers many extensive options as well. Dedicated plans are mostly for people with heavier traffic handling requirements, and the managed WordPress plans are especially made for newbies in blogging.

VPS Web Hosting Plan

WP Engine has three shared web hosting plans – Hatchling starts at $29/month, Baby starts at $99/month and Business starts at $199/month. This pricing is applicable for the 3 year contract only, would cost more if someone prefers to sign up for 1 or 2 years.

Hatchling plan comes with 1 free domain only, WP Engine authority assumed people signing up for this plan will not need anything more than one domain. However, the other two plans are eligible for multiple domains. The Baby plan gets a shared SSL certificate for security; in Business plan the security certificate and IP address is dedicated. One-click installer is activated in all shared hosting plans, the Business plan subscribers would get toll free customer support number as an added advantage.

Dedicated Server

To get your own physical server, dedicate plan is the solution you need. The dedicated hosting plans from WP Engine starts at $99/month for the minimal configuration, the highest configured server costs $225/month. All these charges are for the first month/term only, whichever applies.

All dedicated servers are powered by quad core Intel Xeon CPUs. This ensures longevity and reliable service. Depending on customer needs, other configurations vary over different priced plans.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Another very popular hosting plan from WP Engine; because most bloggers who are starting a website for the first time begins with a managed WordPress hosting. Optimized WP is what WP Engine officially calls the package – it’s basically a shared hosting plan with pre-installed and managed WordPress on it. Blog, Business, Pro – these three are the Optimized WP plans, and they cost respectively $29/month, $99/month and $199/month.

Blog plan allows only 1 domain and Pro offers the highest number of domains – 20. For limited scale operation, these WP based plans would do just fine. Check full WP Engine features on WebHostingFind Blog.

VPS Hosting

Snappy 500, Snappy 1000, Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000 and Snappy 8000 – these are the VPS hosting plans from WP Engine. Their price tags and configurations vary – but the good news is, everyone has a choice no in VPS hosting no matter what their website is about.


WP Engine’s offers are very much customer friendly – no one would feel left out looking for a hosting plan on WP Engine’s website. We loved the uptime and customer support too.

Managed Hosting

Benefits Managed Hosting Offers in Small Businesses

For people owning and running a small business, the most important task is to spend time for the business. Having a website is necessary these days, but spending most of the time after a website is plain No-No! Every small business requires a lot of attention and time to get bigger, and keep running smoothly and web hosting should be the last thing that gets attention. However, in order to promote the business in an easier way, having a website and properly maintaining the hosting is important as well. This is why the term managed hosting came into light.

Managed Hosting

What is a Managed Hosting?

A managed hosting is simply a hosting that’s been fully managed by the company who is selling you the hosting package. In other hosting types, the company just sells the package and the maintenance of packages and everything else is on the purchaser. For smaller businesses where spending time on maintaining a web host is quite impossible, a fully managed hosting could help a lot.

Technically speaking, the managed hosting plans are basically dedicated hosting. However, some companies might offer such hosting in a shared hosting format as well. The hardware is owned by the hosting company and they charge their subscribers and in exchange, they let people use their hardware and data centers. These infrastructures need to be taken care of and in managed hosting services; everything is looked after by the hosting company staff rather than the purchaser themselves.

There might be different level of monitoring in managed server hosting services. Of course the service is offered by the hosting company, but they could limit their service to few aspect only like monitoring of the servers, keeping the security tight, keeping back up of the storage facilities, keeping the servers up to date and online and adjusting any of the above mentioned services if necessary.


There are benefits, of course. Otherwise such hosting plans would never have earned much popularity. What are those?

Monitoring of Servers

The servers are running computer entities and they can cause any trouble at any time. The hosting subscriber need not to look after the server status because they have purchased a managed hosting, so in this case the hosting company staff will keep an eye on the servers for them. And if any trouble occurs, it is them who are to troubleshoot the problem.

This monitoring service is kind of costly. However, for the money you don’t get to do yourself any hassle.

Tightened Security

In normal hosting plans, you have to develop and purchase your own security scripts and certificates. In managed hosting, the company does it all for you. The also keep scanning the website for any potential threats or malwares residing inside your files so you are safe, always.

Storage and Database

Most hosting companies offer unlimited storage, however it’s not always unlimited as there might be a restriction. However, in managed hosting services usually the company staffs monitor how much data is being consumed by you and adjusts the storage according to your needs.


The managed hosting plans are usually customizable. It’s the flexibility that makes the managed hosting plans worth for small and medium businesses. Ask your hosting company for a flexible plan that you can stitch by yourself.


Managed hosting plans save your time and money. And in any business, time is money! You can’t afford to lose any of it, and thus these managed hosting plans have emerged to keep you tension free and still get your job done.

Bluehost Coupon

Bluehost vs Hostgator Which Hosting is Best for Bloggers

Are you thinking to host your own website? Or are you unsure from where to start and which hosting company should you go with? People have many choices to choose among many of the web hosting service providers out there. These companies are always in rush to increase their customers and sales, promising to give best service as they can. Among many of them, two giants Bluehost and Hostgator have made their reputation within many bloggers worldwide.

Bluehost Coupon
Bluehost Coupon

Introduction to Bluehost and Hostgator

Let’s talk about these companies briefly first. Bluehost was founded in 1996, collectively hosting over 2 million domains worldwide being voted as one of the 20 largest web hosting companies in the world. BlueHost has sister companies named FastDomain and HostMonster, founded in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Whereas HostGator was established in 2002 by the student of Florida Atlantic University named Brent Oxley. HostGator has made its way to the number 10 largest hosting provider and according to Inc.Magazine they now host over 9,000,000 websites as of 2013. In this category they both share equal credibility.


An important aspect of webhosting is cpanel or control panel.  Both Bluehost and Hostgator provide this feature. A user-friendly control panel is must, especially for beginners who do not have idea how to install web scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc.

The billing area is fair on both providers and easy to navigate the contents. But while I was reviewing the Hostgator, I noticed that cpanel has been customized fairly and also provide whole bunch of other stuffs without any charge. The user experience of Hostgator is creative and fun whereas bluhost feels clinical.

Performance , Features and cost

Both the companies have maintained their positions effectively. They both are most recommended web hosting due to their performances providing 99.9% uptime guarantee. The data centers at Dallas host the Hostgator sites in Dual Xeon servers. While BlueHost use CPU Segregation technology which can control CPU and protect your site from the bad users.

Bluehost is cheap as compared to other hosting services with same performance and features. One can use Bluehost coupon from HostingDecisions to save money while buying hosting plan. Bluehost provides a certain one flat plan but in case of Hostgator, they offer a variety of options according to your requirement. HostGator also invest millions of cash every year in new technologies for enhancing performance.

Customer Support

Great team of best customer support is what most of expect before choosing Web Hosting Companies. Whenever you fall into some kind of trouble with your website or server, the support teams are the one who can take you out of trouble. Both of them provide 24/7 customer care service. They have included ticket or live chat feature or make a phone call in their website. BlueHost kept the goal to provide best customer support. Hostgator makes waiting experience fun by displaying series of humorous animations. It’s a tie between them regarding customer service.

At last these two companies, Bluehost and Hostgator have their own advantage purchasing any one of them. I personally had a fantastic experience with both providers when it comes to reliability, I would recommend you to take a look on hosting reviews posted on HostingDecisions blog. Thus, choose the one which fulfill your requirement and also do not forget to read their terms and conditions before applying for one.

7 Quick Ways to Better Blogging

Blogs let you pour down your heart, mind and soul completely. You can express, explain and clarify your thoughts fearlessly in your blogs. Better blogging techniques, like the ones listed and explained below, will help you get noticed in this huge ocean of bloggers. Better blogging is truly a key to your success.


Make interesting content in your blog

Why do viewers open your blog? This is the question you should keep in mind while updating your blog every time. They open your blog to hear something new, something interesting, something worthwhile to listen to. Therefore, don’t fill the spaces of your blog with junk content. Put something interesting that your viewers will enjoy, or at least something that’s worth considering. Do some research works prior to writing/updating your blog and try to express your ideas clearly.

Organize the contents in your blog

Random contents barely get noticed by the search engines or the readers. Make sure you give special care to organizing the contents in the blog. Experts suggest bloggers to use bullet points, headings and subheadings, auto-number etc. to explain their perspective. These approaches make your blog neat and agitate your readers to go through the content carefully. Besides that, you’ll also get chance to express your ideas and viewpoints more vividly. So, hurry up and convert those bulky paragraphs into short, concise points!

Right Web hosting for your blog

There are two things you’ll need to purchase to have web space for your blog. First of all, you’ll need a domain name, a name that uniquely identifies your site on the Web. Domain names end in .com, .net, .org, or other extensions; mine is Take some time to think about the domain name you want; think of alternates, because your first choice may already be taken. GoDaddy charges me about $10/year to register and manage my domain name.

Precise and interesting headlines

Which of these headlines sound more interesting and precise — “Mobile Phones on Sale” or “Nokia Lumia 9700 at just $200!”? Of course, the second one! It gives clear idea about the post that’s under the headline. Viewers or readers seek such precision and interest in headline before going through the entire post. So, choose your headline carefully and wisely.

Give special attention to your blog’s layout

Needless to say your blog’s layout has significant influence in your reader’s psychology. If important information and indexes are placed at the top-left corner of the blog, reader can see them easily and will find it worthwhile to go through rest of the content. However, if you put important information in the middle of the webpage and fill top-left corner with insignificant content, your rest of the content will barely be read.

Fill your sidebar wisely

Besides that, fill your sidebar with the quality information they deserve because your viewers will see the same sidebar in every page of your website. A survey done by University in New Jersey confirms that 90% viewers think logos, social media badges, opt-in forms, awards etc. in a blog’s sidebar as junk materials. Therefore, next time before you put something in your sidebar, think twice!

Better be a tortoise than be a hare

The secret behind success of any blog is patience. All the great blogs like The Everywhereist, The Big Picture, OkTrends, This Is My Next, The Hairpin, The Truth About Cars etc. have waited years to be considered as the best blogs in the world. Therefore, if you want to make your blog one of the best blogs in the world, Patience! Patience! Patience!

Google Pagespeed

Google Page Speed – Reduce Hosting Cost Yet Load your Pages Faster

Website loading time plays a very important factor in business – be it an online marketplace, or just a website representing some other business. People visit websites in order to know information and the websites better be quick in loading up. Researches have shown that the websites that tend to load up faster, contributed in business growth in greater percentages than the ones with slow loading websites. Some webmasters take website loading time for granted and as a result, the money runs away.

Google Pagespeed

In order to make sure that the websites load up fast, having higher bandwidth is necessary. Dedicated servers are the best pick for this specific concern, but what if that’s not sufficient as well? Webmasters in the current time is lucky enough to have a website speeding up tool from Google, named Google Page Speed. Now website owners can speed up the page loading process without purchasing higher bandwidth allocation from their respective hosting providers, this saves hosting cost.

What is Google Page Speed?

This is Google’s trick of loading webpages faster than usual using technological optimization in the server’s end. The website visitors will not notice some third party involvement in this speeding up process hence the reputation is going to remain intact as well. Since this tool is offered by Google, there will be advantages in search engine ranking as well. The better the web page loads and shows up, Google will know and adjust the page speed accordingly.

How to Avail the Service?

The Page Speed service is still in its beta phase, so it requires approvals to join the service. The process takes around 2 to 3 days, no longer than 4 in usual cases. All it takes is filling up an information form and wait few days for the approval.

After the approval, you can integrate your website with the service. If you already own a domain name, put it in the required field with www as the prefix. Google will take some time for verification. Once the verification is complete, the DNS and other settings should be configured.

For website optimization, the rewriters need to be configured as well. It’s an ongoing process and might take some time on your end. As an additional feature, the Google Page Speed offers an error reporting facility. If anything goes wrong, the webmaster gets an error report.

Google Page Speed is Cost Effective

Only higher bandwidth alone can’t solve slow loading problem in websites, it’s going to take additional measures like tuning up the servers, checking up with DNS settings, having faster server computer etc. Other than that, there has to be some configuration in the user’s end as well.

Google Page Speed is such a tool that monitors both ends of the connection and makes necessary adjustments to make a page load faster on the visitor’s window. Heavy content websites tend to load slower hence they get more attention, but the lightweight websites aren’t waived either. It’s an effective tool that eliminates the necessity of having insane-high bandwidth for no good reason; contributing in cutting costs.

Here’s what you can do for a cost effective startup from the scratch – purchase a web hosting server using hosting coupons for less price, build a website using some DIY website maker tools and get it approved by Google Page Speed.


Google Page Speed is the future of website optimization and reducing unnecessary hosting costs. Though still in the beta phase, but as effective as it is said to be.

Hosting Service

Four Best Ways to Compare the Web Hosting Service

Comparing is probably the best thing that you do before selecting any web hosting services. There are more than hundred of companies providing the hosting services with more than thousand of plans. But is it possible to research all of those to compare? It certainly has to be a robotic job to do that. But before you go there, you need to first need to sort out few things. You have to decide that what business actually you are looking for. You just need to narrow down your search. Suppose you want to set up an e-commerce website and for that you might need to look for similar services and features. Once you have decided then you need to compare the hosting services.

Hosting Service

Go Through the Reviews

This is possibly the best way to compare any hosting service. You will come across many technical and customer reviews about the web hosting service. It will give you a brief insight of the service they provide. Better reviews obviously indicate better services. The more you search, the better prospects you get about the service.

Background Checking

You should never trust an ad stating the glory of the service of any particular web hosting service. They might invest money for those alluring ads but may not for a good customer experience. So, it is important that you surf about the history of the web hosting company. If it has involved in any activity that harms the reputation, you should reconsider. A good web hosting company will have a clean reputation and very fewer outages. The lesser it is, the better it is. Securities prospective are the other things that you should look for. It is very important to have secured service at a time when a cyber crime has reached the potential growth. Just look for any previous security breach that the company had in the past and if there is any then you should not consider the option.

Hosting Coupons

There will be plenty of hosting coupons available in the market. These are just like other coupons but specifically for the web hosting. The main purpose of the coupons is to offer a discount that will make your project lot cheaper. It is beneficiary service and you often get good deals from the web hosting services. However, you should inquire about all the terms and conditions associated with the coupons before availing them.

Read the Experts

If you are not aware of all the features required for a good hosting service then read the views of the experts on them. This will give you a fair bit of idea about the web hosting service and will help you to cross check the services you have been offered. Cheap hosting is always something that attracts the customer, but that does not mean you will forget every other aspect associated with it. Your main focus should be around the performance and security of the hosting service.

It is always better to compare and do a thorough research about the web hosting service than to realize that you could have done it in a better, smoother and cheaper way.